5 Nepal Travel tips to travel the country like a pro
5 Nepal Travel tips to travel the country like a pro

5 Nepal Travel tips to travel the country like a pro

5 Nepal Travel tips to travel the country like a pro

Nepal, also called the Himalayan Kingdom, is a beautiful country to visit. And nowadays more and more tourists are choosing Nepal for their next vacation. However, it is natural for travelers to feel confused and sacred while traveling the place of Himalayas. And if you are looking to book a tour package. Now, you can the best Nepal tour packages at reasonable prices from Jeet Brothers Travels & Holidays. They’re the best option if you are looking to book a travel package to anywhere. It is daunting to visit a new country without any knowledge so we have prepared a list for you to feel more comfortable when you are in Nepal.

Do not Trekk Solo 


One of the most important tips is to avoid trekking solo. If you are in Nepal make sure you go trekking with fellow trekkers or at least with a guide. There have been many cases where the tourists were disappeared and were hurt. So, if in case you are traveling to Nepal alone, there is an app where you can find fellow people to go on a trek with. And we cannot stress this point enough but one should really avoid going trekking solo.

Try to Carry a Universal Adapter  


One of the worst things that can happen with a tourist is to get stuck without their electronic devices. That is why every tourist should carry a universal adapter so you don’t get stuck with their batteries dead. Nepal uses 220v plugs so you can pick up a universal adapter from your city or at the airport duty-free. 

Don’t fall for of Money Scamming Taxi-Drivers 


Whenever you are traveling around Nepal in taxis always tell the driver to charge you with meter and ask this beforehand of your ride. Nepal drivers are known to fool tourists’ customers and charge them twice or three times more than the actual rates. Therefore, be smart and only travel by meter rates. Although if you are traveling after 10 PM  then they are known to ask twice the meter rates and that is completely normal for local commuters as well. 

Carry Extra Passport Photographs 


If you are planning to visit Nepal you must be aware that you can apply for the visa prior to your arrival or after your arrival. Both options are totally fine, but if you are going to apply for the visa then you should carry a photograph of your passport. Otherwise, you will have to get your photograph taken on the airport and that is very time consuming which will ultimately be cut on your travel time.

Carry Cash all the Time 


One of the most useful tips for people traveling to Nepal is to carry cash at all times. You cannot rely on using your card at all times. Because in the rural towns they do not accept any kind of cards because they don’t have the necessary machine for that. So if you want to survive in Nepal then you must have cash at all times. 


These are some of the tips you should follow while you are in Nepal and if you are looking to book Gorakhpur to Kathmandu tour packages then there are multiple websites for that but you should definitely consider booking with Jeet Brothers Travels & Holidays as they provide the trips at best prices. 

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