Golden Triangle Tour Packages
Golden Triangle Tour Packages

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Carrying within itself a spectacular history, spanning for thousands of years the destinations for Golden Triangle are definitely a highlight on any tour of India. Starting with Delhi, the city served as the capital for most of its history for the numerous classical kingdoms, thus bearing a heritage seldom associated with any other part of the world. Agra, with it being the seat of the mighty Mughal Empire, is redolent with some of the most astonishing monuments reminiscing of the Golden Era, which once ruled over India.

Few need the introduction to the majestic Taj Mahal, located as the bright spot on this amazing tour. However, the setting change completely with moving to Jaipur, with picturesque views of most beautiful forts, lake palaces and structures mesmerizing the heart. Framed in the shape of a triangle, the Golden Triangle Tour packages introduce one to a wide spectrum of colors of India and cannot be afforded to miss.

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