Itinerary details of Muktinath Tour packages from Gorakhpur
Itinerary details of Muktinath Tour packages from Gorakhpur

Itinerary details of Muktinath Tour packages from Gorakhpur

Itinerary details of Muktinath Tour packages from Gorakhpur

 Every human desires to get salvation. Isn’t it? According to the Hindu mythologies, salvation is the ultimate goal of the human life cycle. Muktinath is one such place where humans get freed from the sins committed by them and attain inner peace. Having a casual visit to Muktinath is not possible because of its geographical location. Proper planning is therefore needed for visiting the holy place, and Muktinath Tour packages from Gorakhpur ensures your journey to Muktinath is a pleasant and memorable one.

The geographical location of Muktinath makes it tough for the people to visit there. The hilly terrains make the trip even tougher. Without proper knowledge of the itinerary and guidelines, it is almost impossible to enjoy the journey. To sort out the issue now, let us move on to the itinerary details and start exploring the trip.

Phase 1: From Gorakhpur to Kathmandu

The first destination of the journey is Kathmandu. There are two means to reach Kathmandu from Gorakhpur. One is via trains, and the other one is through airways. People who visit Kathmandu also visit Lumbini, which is not very far from Kathmandu. There are many things to be done in Kathmandu. Be it roaming around the beautiful city in the morning or staying overnight in Pashupati along the banks of river Bagmati.

All the best Nepal Tour packages which claim to provide the best experience include the World Heritage Sites in their bucket list. Two of the World Heritage Sites are found in most of the packages. One of them is Swayambhunath, which has a Buddha statue showering its blessings on everyone who wishes to seek the blessings of the Buddha. The other one is Kathmandu Darbar Square.

Phase 2: to Pokhara

Pokhara is a place for people who love the thrill. The journey to Pokhara is indeed a very thrilling one. Traveling through the hilly roads, people get one of the best experiences of their lives.

Pokhara can be termed as a synonym of adventure. Many adventurous activities can be done here if you are planning to travel with a group. There are plenty of options whether be it river rafting over the mighty waves or be it trekking the steep hills. Apart from this, there are many memorable places to visit out here, which include the Barahi Temple, Vindhyavasini Temple, and also the famous Gupteshwar caves.

Phase3: to Muktinath

After the adventurous visit to Pokhara, people visit Muktinath to attain inner peace. Muktinath Tour packages from Gorakhpur take care of the details and ensures a peaceful visit to the Spiritual land. People reach Jhomson from Pokhara after a tiring bus journey of around 14 hours approximately. After resting in Jhomson for a night, people leave for Muktinath the next day.


Muktinath is one of the best places for people who seek mental peace from all earthly worries. The beauty of the place provides mental peace, along with spirituality. Go for the best Muktinath yatra packages from Gorakhpur to have an unforgettable experience while traveling in Nepal.

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