Muktinath Tour Package
Muktinath Tour Package

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Muktinath temple is s the image of the religious beneficial interaction between the two Hindus and Buddhists. This is a beautiful temple which is well-known for peace and power. If you are planning for a religious tour must visit this place and book Muktinath tour packages from Prayagraj.

About Muktinath Temple

The temple is little and contains a human-sized brilliant statue of Vishnu as Shri Mukti Narayana. In addition to Mukti Narayana, the sanctuary has bronze pictures of Bhoodevi (the Earth-goddess type of Lakshmi), the goddesses Saraswati and Janaki (Sita), Garuda (the mount of Vishnu), Lava-Kusa and the Sapta Rishis. There is an old Buddhist priest present in the sanctuary and love is directed by Buddhist nuns. If you want to visit Muktinath tour by road then connect with us.

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